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After having taken a nap in the art class room, Nagatoro received a text from Sakura and went to her friends in order to have a "dazzling girl talk", however while exiting the room she accidentally forgot her smartphone behind, prompting Senpai to go looking for her to return it. Once he reached the first year's floor, Senpai realized he didn't knew what section Nagatoro is in, however a girl helped him asking who he was looking for and, due to not knowing her by surname, what was her first name. Embarrassed Senpai admitted to himself that he didn't knew, then however he remembered that her friends called her "Hayacchi", causing the girl to realize who she is and told him to look for her in section C. Along the way, Senpai saw Gamo-chan and Yoshi came out of their class and went to the cafeteria for lunch. Not wanting to be caught, the boy hid in a closet inside section C, just in time for Sakura and Nagatoro to return in it alongside Nekoba and Rabi-chan and starting to talk about the latter having recently started dating someone in the baseball club. The conversation quickly switch over what types of boys each of them are into, and when they urged the reluctant Nagatoro to answer said question too, she answered that her type of boy is simply "someone who's fun to be with". Eavesdropping, Senpai suddenly remember of all the fun times he and Nagatoro shared and remained speechless. Just then, Nagatoro noticed her smartphone was missing and Sakura suggested she probably left it in "the club room", causing their classmates to ask if the reason she attended that place so much lately was a boy; both Nagatoro and Senpai blushed and the latter panicked causing a noise that drag the girl's attention to the closet. When Nagatoro went opening it she found Senpai inside and, despite at first visibly mad at him, the girl invented and excuse to distract Sakura and her classmates dragging Senpai out of her class. Despite mocking him for how creepy he was hiding in the closet, she sweetly thank him for bringing her the smartphone and then asked if he heard what she said. Ashamed, Senpai replied he had no idea what she was talking about and run off, leaving her red faced.



Later on, while drawing a still life, struggling to find inspiration, Senpai, after a moment of embarrassment, asked Nagatoro to be his model. At first the girl pretended to be busy in order to be prayed to, but in the end she accepted and asked him what pose he wanted her to take, leading him to tell her to assume the one in which she felt "more natural". Hearing so, Nagatoro assumed a series of stance from muay thai, boxing, capoeira and a fourth one that she assumed without thinking but seemingly made her uncomfortable. After seeing the latter, Senpai deemed it as the one on which she was "more natural" and asked her to pose in that stance, which the girl eventually accept blushing a little. While the painting was being done, Senpai and Nagatoro exchanged several glances, the first asking himself what kind of stance was that while the latter staring at him with sweetness. After finishing it, Senpai asked Nagatoro about the stance, leading the embarrassed girl to choke him in a submission move stating it was her own personal martial art style in a clear attempt not to answer him. Right in that moment Yoshi, Sakura and Gamo-chan entered the room and, while the first two simply told playfully Senpai to surrender in order to get freed from Nagatoro's move, seeing the painting Gamo-chan got quite emotional, saying heartwarmingly to Nagatoro that "it has been a while since the last time" and asking with evident nostalgia if she wanted to give it another try. Senpai asked what they were talking about, but Nagatoro stormed out of the room saying she won't tell him. Her friends running right after her.

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