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Where To Buy Salice Hinges

Salice Series 200 concealed Euro hinges with 110 opening angle. Features self-closing, "D" crank arms for 3/4" overlay applications, very popular for face frame cabinet construction, but can be applied to a frame-less cabinet. Cup depth is 11mm and the diameter is 35mm

where to buy salice hinges

Economical machines or precise drilling and inserting of European cabinet fittings through changeable drill heads. Cabinet hinges, line drilling, and KD fittings can easily be used. Machine includes bits, stops, and 110/120 degree insertion ram.

Silentia, the hinge with integrated decelerating closing action, is technically revolutionary and aesthetically leading-edge. The decelerating system is hidden from view and fully integrated into the hinge components; it does not alter the cabinet design and it confers high perceived value in both functional and aesthetic terms. Silentia hinges retain the same features as other Salice hinges without the deceleration system. They are compatible with all traditional series 200 mounting plates and with all Domi snap-on mounting plates and have the same adjustment features and functional applications.

Are you looking to update the hinges on your classic, 3/8'' lipped kitchen cabinet doors? Do you want convenient snap/self-closing action and the easy adjustability and clean look of European-style hinges? These Rockler-exclusive Salice hinge packs are the perfect solution. Whether you are retrofitting new hinges onto old 3/8'' lipped overlay doors (especially common in mid-20th-century kitchen cabinets), or you are building new doors, these concealed hinges will give you the easy three-way cam adjustability that European hinges have become famous for. Just mount the right-angle mounting plate to the cabinet and attach the high-quality, nickel-plated Salice hinge. You can fine-tune the door's fit with a turn of a few screws on the hinge. And because the hinges are completely concealed when the door is closed, your options for knobs and pulls are practically unlimited! Screws and instructions included. Sold in pairs.

We are proud of the quality of our products, and we stand behind them 100%. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the merchandise you ordered, just return it within 90 days to receive a refund in the manner of original payment for merchandise only. Manufacturer guarantees/warranties for power tools, CNC and laser products will supersede the Rockler Guarantee if these items are damaged or defective. For these items, please call the store where you purchased them or our customer service department at 1-800-376-7856 so we can assist you.

Salice Series S concealed face frame hinges, with integrated soft-close, feature a one-piece design and simple to use adjustable cams for side-to-side, in-and-out and up-and-down door movement. Each hinge has an activation switch which can be turned off of one hinge in a pair of hinges if the soft-close action is too slow for small doors. Available in screw-on or press in nylon dowel versions.

Salice have over 90 years of experience in producing reliable products for the furniture industry. Their main focus is to provide broad variety of Salice hinges to suit each application. These all undergo continuous technical development to ensure their quality is of high standards. Salice cabinet hinges provide desirable and elegant enhancements within the kitchen.

Salice hinges are designed for functionality and performance. This is to provide maximum application benefits such as optimising space and visual aesthetics. At SCF Hardware, we have selected the most popular Salice kitchen cabinet hinges to stock. These include the Salice Air Hinge and Salice Mounting Plate. These products come with different finishing options such as titanium effect and nickel plating.

Find Salice hinges UK available to purchase online at SCF Hardware. Please also note, you can get free shipping in the UK on all orders over 120. To get expert recommendations on Salice cabinet hinges, get in touch with us. You can also sign up for a free trade account to receive trade discounts and exclusive deals.

As always, WalzCraft specializes in serving small to medium size cabinet shops. Our Team will gladly welcome any order size and is happy to outfit your project with the proper hardware, whether requiring hinges for a single door or an entire kitchen. For your convenience, WalzCraft will ship your hardware order along with your door order, unattached and ready for installation upon delivery.

Blum Compact 33 Hinges and Mounting Plates (two-piece assembly) have a opening range of 110 and offer the ability to create different Overlays by selecting different mounting plates. These hinges are self closing and are completely concealed upon installation.

Clip top Bi-Fold Long Arm Hinges are a two-piece hardware construction consisting of a hinge and separate mounting plate. These hinges feature a 60 opening range and are designed to be used on an inside corner (Lazy Susan) cabinet. Each Bi-fold Clip top hinge is constructed of nickel plated steel construction and offer full concealment once installed and self-closing action.

Clip top Blumotion Long Arm Hinges are a two-piece hardware construction consisting of a hinge and separate mounting plate. Blumotion Clip top hinges can be used with Face Frame or Frameless Cabinets and offer many different overlay and inset options with the use of different mounting plates. Each Clip top hinge features nickle plated steel construction and are fulling concealed when installed on the cabinet. Unlike the standard Clip top hinges, Blumotion offer soft and silent closing, adaptive closing speeds as well as overload safety features the protect the system from wear.

The Blumotion Features integrated into these hinges include soft & Silent closing, Adaptive closing speeds base on pressure and an overload safety feature which protects the systems from damage through use.

WalzCraft can prep your cabinet doors with hinge boring for all of our available Salice Door Hinge Hardware. Other Hinge Bore Patterns & Options are available, including those compatible with most Blum & Grass hinges. Please visit our online catalog specifications for Hinge Boring or contact our Customer Support Team for assistance.

Salice 165 Hinges can used in various cabinet designs where a wide opening hinge is required. They have achieved FIRA Gold Accreditation which indicates they are manufactured to the highest quality.

It is a self-opening system for the doors of all types of handleless furniture. It consists of a series of self-opening hinges, release devices that can be fitted to the top, base or side panel of the cabinet, and retaining catches to be fitted to the back of the door.

A C Sissling Ltd are proud to have been an officially appointed distributor for SALICE hinges and associated products for over 25 years. Our stocked range of Salice and Adar products continues to grow with new products being added nearly every month. We carry good stocks of all the popular hinges and mountplates and many of the more niche products as well. Whether you need just a single hinge to replace a broken one or several hundred for ongoing production, A C Sissling are here to help you.If you are unable to identify which hinge or component you require by browsing our site then please take some digital pictures, from several different angles, and e-mail them to us. Our knowledgable staff will then do their best to identify it and advise you accordingly. Please always tell us if your hinge cup is to suit a 26mm, 35mm or 40mm bore - it's not always easy to tell from a picture!If you have been re-directed here from our micro-website then don't worry, you are in the right place! This is our newer main company webstore and contains all our SALICE and ADAR products along with live stock level information. ** New ** PACTA Drop Flap System**New** AIR Hinge SystemSALICE 200 Series 35mm 110deg HingesSALICE 200 Series 35mm 165deg HingesSALICE 200 Series Complementary HingesSALICE 200 Series Glass Door Hinges 26mmSALICE 200 Series PUSH to Open 110degree HingesSALICE 200 Series PUSH to Open 165degree HingesSALICE 400 Series 26mm MINI HingesSalice 900 Series Economy Cabinet HingesSALICE F Series 40mm Cup HingesSALICE Hinge AccessoriesSALICE Hinge Mount PlatesSalice LAPIS Designer Hinge SystemSALICE LIFT SystemsSALICE M Series Insitutional HingeSALICE PUSH to Open Magnetic CatchesSALICE PUSH to Open Mechanical CatchesImage Coming Soon

Salice hinges may only be small, but they are an important aspect of any cabinet. Here at A.C. Sissling we only produce and stock top quality products; no matter how small an item it may be we feel that it is always important to ensure that you are getting the best product on offer. 041b061a72


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