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Download FIFA 22 and Experience the Ultimate Football Game on PC

FIFA 22: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Football Game from EA Sports

If you are a fan of football (or soccer, as some call it), you probably have heard of FIFA, the most popular and successful football video game series in the world. Developed by EA Sports, FIFA has been around since 1993, delivering realistic, immersive, and fun football experiences to millions of players every year.

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But what is FIFA 22, the latest installment in the series? And why should you be excited about it? In this article, we will answer these questions and more, as we explore everything you need to know about FIFA 22, from its features, platforms, price, download options, and more. Whether you are a veteran player or a newcomer to the series, this article will help you get ready for the ultimate football game of 2021.

FIFA 22 Features: What's New and Improved in This Year's Edition

FIFA 22 is not just another football game. It is a football game that has been enhanced by new technologies, modes, mechanics, and content that make it more realistic, authentic, diverse, and enjoyable than ever before. Here are some of the main features that FIFA 22 has to offer:

HyperMotion Technology

One of the most groundbreaking features of FIFA 22 is HyperMotion Technology, a new gameplay technology that only works on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series XS, and Stadia. HyperMotion Technology uses advanced machine learning and motion capture data from 22 professional players playing at high intensity to create more realistic animations, physics, and behaviors on the pitch. This means that players will move more naturally, react more dynamically, and interact more organically with each other and with the ball. HyperMotion Technology also enhances the atmosphere of the stadiums, making them more alive and responsive to what happens on the pitch.


Another major aspect of FIFA 22 is its gameplay, which has been improved in various ways to make it more balanced, fluid, and satisfying. Some of the new gameplay features include:

  • Explosive Sprint: A new mechanic that gives you more control over acceleration when dribbling or defending. You can use it to lure opponents in and then burst past them with speed.

  • Goalkeeper Rewrite: A complete overhaul of the goalkeeper system that makes them more reliable, consistent and intelligent. They have more personality, animations, and save styles.

  • True Ball Physics: A new system that makes the ball behave more realistically and consistently, taking into account factors such as speed, spin, air resistance, and bounce.

  • Attacking Tactics: A new feature that lets you customize your team's offensive style and shape, giving you more control over how they build up play and create chances.

  • New Attacking Systems: New mechanics and animations that make attacking more varied and exciting, such as composed ball control, direct passing, powered headers, and volleyed crosses.

Career Mode

If you want to experience the thrill of managing your own football club, Career Mode is the mode for you. In FIFA 22, Career Mode has been enhanced with new features and options that make it more immersive and customizable. Some of the new Career Mode features include:

  • Create a Club: A new option that lets you create your own club from scratch and lead them to glory. You can choose their name, logo, kits, stadium, budget, and more.

  • Player Career: A revamped mode that lets you play as a single player and develop your skills and reputation. You can now request to play in a different position, interact with your manager and teammates, and earn perks that boost your performance.

  • Manager Career: An improved mode that lets you manage your club and make strategic decisions. You can now participate in press conferences, negotiate contracts, scout players, and more.


If you prefer a more casual and creative way of playing football, VOLTA FOOTBALL is the mode for you. In FIFA 22, VOLTA FOOTBALL lets you express your style and connect with your squad in street football playgrounds around the world. Some of the new VOLTA FOOTBALL features include:

  • VOLTA ARCADE: A new feature that lets you play with different gameplay modifiers and rules, such as Survival, No Rules, King of the Hill, and more.

  • VOLTA SQUADS: A new feature that lets you team up with up to three friends online and compete against other squads in various modes and events.

  • VOLTA SEASONS: A new feature that lets you progress through different divisions and earn rewards based on your performance.

  • VOLTA SHOP: A new feature that lets you customize your avatar and squad with various items and outfits, such as jerseys, shoes, tattoos, hairstyles, and more.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

If you want to build your dream team and compete with others online, FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is the mode for you. In FIFA 22, FIFA Ultimate Team has been updated with new features and content that make it more diverse and rewarding. Some of the new FIFA Ultimate Team features include:

  • FUT Heroes: A new type of player item that celebrates the cult heroes of football history. FUT Heroes have unique stories and league-specific chemistry that make them stand out in your squad.

  • FUT Champions: A revamped mode that lets you qualify for the Weekend League and earn rewards based on your skill level. You can now choose how many matches you want to play and when you want to play them.

  • FUT Events: A new feature that lets you participate in various events and challenges throughout the season. You can join a team or create your own and contribute to a common goal with other players.

  • FUT Stadium: An improved feature that lets you customize your own stadium and make it reflect your style and personality. You can now choose from different themes, banners, trophies, pyrotechnics, and more.

Pro Clubs

If you want to customize your club and play with your friends in a cooperative mode, Pro Clubs is the mode for you. In FIFA 22, Pro Clubs has been enhanced with new features and options that make it more fun and flexible. Some of the new Pro Clubs features include:

  • Player Growth: A new system that lets you improve your player's attributes and skills based on your performance and feedback. You can also unlock perks that give you special abilities on the pitch.

  • Player Customization: A new feature that lets you personalize your player's appearance and accessories. You can now choose from different body types, hairstyles, tattoos, boots, gloves, and more.

  • Club Customization: A new feature that lets you customize your club's identity and style. You can now choose from different logos, kits, colors, fonts, patterns , and more.

  • Match Types: A new feature that lets you choose from different match types and settings. You can now play 11v11, 5v5, House Rules, Practice Match, and more.

FIFA 22 Platforms: Which Devices Can You Play It On

FIFA 22 is available on a wide range of devices and platforms, so you can enjoy it wherever you are and however you like. However, not all platforms have the same features and compatibility, so you need to be aware of the differences and requirements before you buy the game. Here are some of the main platforms that FIFA 22 supports:

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Cross-platform compatibility

One of the most important things to know about FIFA 22 is that it supports cross-platform play and progression for some modes and features. This means that you can play with or against other players who have the game on different devices, and you can also access your progress and content across different platforms. However, this only works for certain modes and features, such as:

  • VOLTA FOOTBALL: You can play online matches and events with other players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series XS, PC, and Stadia.

  • FIFA Ultimate Team: You can access your FUT Club, transfer market, leaderboards, and more on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series XS, PC, and Stadia.

EA Play: You can enjoy the benefits of EA Play membership, such as early access, discounts, rewards, and more on


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