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Warband - Viking Conquest Mod Download: Find Out What's New in the Latest Updates and Patches

Warband - Viking Conquest Mod Download: How to Enhance Your Dark Age Experience

If you are a fan of Mount & Blade Warband, you might have heard of or played its DLC, Viking Conquest. This expansion brings you to the historical and brutal era of Dark Age Britain, where you can fight, trade, raid, and explore in a rich and authentic setting. But did you know that you can also download mods for Viking Conquest to make your game even more immersive and enjoyable? In this article, we will show you how to download mods for Viking Conquest, and what are some of the best mods to try out.

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What is Warband - Viking Conquest?

A brief overview of the DLC and its features

Viking Conquest is a DLC for Mount & Blade Warband, a medieval sandbox RPG that lets you create your own character and adventure in a realistic and dynamic world. Viking Conquest was released in 2014 by TaleWorlds Entertainment and Brytenwalda-DevTeam, the creators of the popular Brytenwalda mod for Warband.

Viking Conquest adds a new single-player and multiplayer mode to Warband, with a new map, factions, units, weapons, quests, scenes, and features. Some of the features include:

  • A story mode with a complex plot and choices that have real consequences

  • A sandbox mode where you can start your own kingdom or join any faction

  • A naval combat system that allows you to sail, fight, and raid on ships

  • A reputation system that affects your relations with lords, towns, and factions

  • A religion system that influences your morale, events, and quests

  • A morale system that affects your troops' performance and loyalty

  • A wound system that makes injuries more realistic and dangerous

  • A dog companion that can help you in battle and scouting

  • A refuge where you can store your loot, recruit troops, and heal your wounds

  • A hall of fame where you can view your achievements and statistics

The historical and cultural setting of Dark Age Britain

Viking Conquest is set in the 9th century AD, during the time of the Viking invasions of Britain. The map covers Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Frisia, Frankia, and Pictland. You can choose to play as one of the 14 factions in the game, each with their own culture, troops, lords, and relations. Some of the factions are:

  • Wessex: The most powerful Anglo-Saxon kingdom in Britain, led by King Alfred the Great

  • Northumbria: A divided Anglo-Saxon kingdom that is under constant threat from the Vikings

  • Laithlind: A Norse faction that controls Dublin and other parts of Ireland

  • Nordvegr: A Norse faction that raids the coasts of Britain and Scandinavia

  • Pictland: A Celtic faction that rules over Scotland

  • Gwynedd: A Welsh faction that resists the Anglo-Saxon domination

  • East Engle: A puppet state of the Danes, ruled by King Guthrum

  • Francia: The Carolingian empire that spans most of Western Europe

Viking Conquest also features historical characters, events, and locations that are based on real history and legends. You can meet famous figures like Alfred the Great, Ragnar Lothbrok, Ivar the Boneless, Rollo, Charlemagne, and more. You can also visit iconic places like Stonehenge, Lindisfarne, York, Paris, and more. You can also participate in historical battles like the Battle of Edington, the Siege of Paris, and the Great Heathen Army.

Why download mods for Warband - Viking Conquest?

The benefits of modding your game

While Viking Conquest is already a great DLC that offers a lot of content and features, you might want to download mods for it to enhance your gaming experience even further. Mods are modifications or additions to the game that are made by fans or developers. They can change or improve various aspects of the game, such as graphics, gameplay, balance, content, and more.

Some of the benefits of modding your game are:

  • You can customize your game to suit your preferences and playstyle

  • You can fix bugs or issues that the original game might have

  • You can add new content or features that the original game might lack

  • You can improve the graphics or performance of the game

  • You can make the game more realistic or immersive

  • You can make the game more challenging or fun

The types of mods available for Warband - Viking Conquest

There are many types of mods available for Warband - Viking Conquest, depending on what you want to change or improve in your game. Some of the types of mods are:

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  • Graphics mods: These mods enhance the visual quality of the game, such as textures, lighting, shadows, water, etc.

  • Gameplay mods: These mods alter the mechanics or features of the game, such as combat, economy, diplomacy, quests, etc.

  • Balance mods: These mods adjust the difficulty or fairness of the game, such as stats, prices, damage, etc.

  • Content mods: These mods add new content to the game, such as units, weapons, items, factions, etc.

  • Overhaul mods: These mods change the game completely, such as setting, theme, story, etc.

How to download mods for Warband - Viking Conquest?

The sources and websites for finding mods

If you want to download mods for Warband - Viking Conquest, you need to know where to find them. There are many sources and websites that host or showcase mods for Warband - Viking Conquest. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • TaleWorlds Forum: This is the official forum of TaleWorlds Entertainment, where you can find many threads and posts about mods for Warband - Viking Conquest. You can also interact with other modders and players there.

  • Nexus Mods: This is one of the largest and most trusted websites for modding games. You can find hundreds of mods for Warband - Viking Conquest there. You can also use their mod manager tool to easily install and manage your mods.

  • Mod DB: This is another website that hosts and showcases mods for various games. You can find many mods for Warband - Viking Conquest there. You can also read reviews and ratings from other users.

  • Steam Workshop: This is a feature of Steam that allows you to browse and subscribe to mods for games that support it. You can find some mods for Warband - Viking Conquest there. You can also use Steam to automatically update your mods.

The steps and tools for installing mods

If you want to install mods for Warband - Viking Conquest, you need to follow some steps and use some tools. The steps and tools may vary depending on the source and type of mod you are downloading. However, here are some general steps and tools that apply to most mods:

  • Download the mod file from the source or website. Make sure it is compatible with your version of Warband - Viking Conquest.

  • Extract the mod file using a tool like WinRAR or 7-Zip. You should get a folder with the mod name.

  • Copy or move the mod folder to your Modules folder in your Warband directory. The default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\M ountBlade Warband\Modules.

  • Launch Warband and select the mod from the drop-down menu in the launcher. Click Play and enjoy your modded game.

Some mods may require additional steps or tools to install or run properly. For example, some mods may need you to edit some files, use a patcher, or download a compatibility fix. You should always read the instructions and requirements of the mod carefully before installing it. You should also backup your game

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