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Nude Teens Spreading

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nude teens spreading

Sending sexually explicit messages or photos between cell phones is known as sexting. Under Ohio law, teens and pre-teens found guilty of sexting can be charged with felonies. That is what some middle school students in Worthington COULD face.

Worthington Police say a 14-year-old boy at Worthingway Middle School took nude pictures of himself on his cell phone. Investigators say some other students got a hold of that phone and forwarded those pictures to other students throughout the school.

Ohio teens have faced felony charges due to sexting in the past. A 15-year-old girl from Valley High School in Licking County became the first teen convicted of a felony charge for sexting after she sent a nude picture of herself to a boy she wanted to date.

WannaCry is the particular strain of ransomware that exploded on Friday. It started spreading early in the morning on Friday, and within hours had knocked out entire hospitals in the U.K., as well as companies such as Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica and automakers Renault and Nissan, among many others. 041b061a72

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