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Karen Timofeev
Karen Timofeev


- New exclusive features added when used along with the Sound Fixes Pack.- Less insect and bird ambient sounds due to the snowy winter season.- Limited spawn of non-winter-oriented base game AI traffic vehicles such as open top vehicles and ice cream vans.


- New softer and more realistic textures of snowflakes and drops from inside the cabin- Realistic snow sound effects- New and more quantity of white snow with steles effect from inside the cabin (windshield and windows)- New Realistic Windshield Effects in movements in different speed situations ...- New realistic textures of particles in the wheel when the asphalt is snowy (Trucks, AI Traffic and Buses)- Realistic WINDS sounds from inside the cabin and outside- New effect Sounds of winds with soft and realistic rain and high quality DHX- Compatible with all current Promods and Rusmap maps v.1.36.x

* More refined generic AI traffic car sounds. Less buzz noise and more tire sounds and quiet engine sounds.* AI traffic vehicles given new horn sounds. Depending on the patience of the driver, a short or long honk may be used.* Carefully detailed real AI engine/horn sounds for individual vehicles from the base game as well as AI traffic mods.* You can hear the slight sound of vehicles overtaking you or passing by you in the oncoming lane. 041b061a72


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