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Where Can I Buy Kydex Sheets

Shop for KYDEX Thermoplastic sheets. Grades include fire-rated KYDEX 100 sheet, KYDEX T Thermoplastic sheet, a high impact, fire-rated material, and KYDEX V recycled thermoplastic sheet. KYDEX T sheet is often used for the orthotics and prosthetics market and provides rigidity, formability, and wear-resistance. Have KYDEX Thermoplastic sheet cut and machined into fabricated parts for your application.

where can i buy kydex sheets


SEKISUI KYDEX offers solutions to its customers wherever they are. With over 35 locations on 6 continents, our coverage is as broad as our portfolio of products and range of services. Contact any one of our locations around the world, and get premier service from trained customer service representatives.

Using standard tools, Kydex thermoforming sheets can be drilled, vacuum formed, brake formed or punch pressed.Kydex is a machinable thermoplastic that can be molded to form fit just about any shape imaginable without expensive tools and machinery. Kydex can reduce the number of individual parts needed in many applications, thereby reducing assembly costs.

Kydex is very easy to clean: tough stains, scuffs, and graffiti can be gotten rid of using strong cleaners with no staining or surface damage to the material. Kydex sheets are also available with fire ratings of ul94v-o and 5v. Kydex is used by the orthopedic industry for braces.

Kydex can then simply be placed over or around the item to be contained, and pressed until cool. This process could involve a shop press, using plywood to keep an object between two Kydex sheets in place, or a top weighted enclosure press (e.g. an MDF press).

What makes Kydex super popular is its ease-of-use when it comes to holster making. Your start-up cost isn't much either. You can practically buy sheets of Kydex anywhere now and all you need is a small oven, a homemade press, and a workbench. Now, let me be clear, not anyone can get these things together and make a custom Kydex gun holster, BUT, it doesn't take "Rocket Science" talent either. This has allowed the Kydex holster to take over the gun community like a firestorm. Especially with Social Media applications like Facebook and Instagram where you can showcase your product instantly.

Both are strong and durable. You can get Kydex sheets with different thicknesses. Injection Molded Polymer allows the manufacturer to customize the thickness and print to specific and different measurements within the holster. This is something that Kydex is limited to.

Kydex is easily recycled. Given its thermoplastic characteristics, Kydex waste is heated and reformed into sheets all while retaining its properties well. Learn more about our sustainability programs at Traco here.

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Users can interface with SmartMold via a compact multitouch screen mounted directly on the mold or via a Smartphone using Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection. Customers can now locate their molds anywhere in the world and SmartMold will automatically notify the user and supplier of the pending need for parts or service. SmartMold opens the door to a world of possibilities never seen in injection molding until now, claims Milacron.

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