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Ck2 Better Looking Garbs ~REPACK~

but if the roads didnt exist, i would still be arguing about whether or not the government should be able to use eminent domain to build them. and if there arent any roads, how the hell am i going to get to work?

Ck2 Better Looking Garbs

second paragraph, "western civilization knows no limits. it extends into the air above our heads and into the ground where we walk, a surface as solid as rock or carpet. it stretches into the sky, over the oceans and mountains." -- dostoevsky

just like how the arm processors are good for doing certain things, but they also impose undesirable tradeoffs. for example, i like an inexpensive gaming device, but the arm isn't very fast. i'm not going to put $100 into a high-end cpu for the game it's going to be running. meanwhile, arm chips are cheap, and they are usually the low-end of performance. arm cpus are extremely power efficient compared to their x86 cousins, and often cheaper and more power-efficient than the equivalent from intel or amd. so the os developers of course picked the arm-based chip. 

why the heck are you posting on a vr site, people are genuinely impressed that you make vr possible on a device that has no native screen? i realise everybody also tries to post on vr sites, but its a surefire way to get flamed so i don't.

f1: a lot of people do support that, which is why the 'depression' makes no real difference in terms of overall visibility. to that end, i think its important to point out to people that there's a huge difference between a game that isn't fun and a game that's too scary.

f1: i can't really say there is an 'ethical' one. it all depends on what you want to use it for. i don't know if you understand what 'the hunger games' means, but it basically can be summed up as 'being a very unsafe and unhealthy way to experience life', and that's actually one of its themes, because the world that we're in is really a dehumanizing one, and we have to start taking responsibility and performing real change, or there's no point in having high standards at all.

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